[Transcription] “This photo was taken during the inaugural 8 hour endurance race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was a gray and cloudy day. As I walked to my start position, it began to lightly mist. Shooting in the rain is not my favorite condition, but I thought I would make the best of it. As the cars began to take their pace laps, the weather got worse. By the time the green flag was waved, it was raining pretty steadily. I shot the first few laps and then reached into my bag for a filter.I love the way the headlights catch the filter and create the star effect. The day ended up being a really good shooting day. We got all kinds of weather. By the time the race ended 8 hours later, the sun was out and shining. The weather and the variety of cars that were in this race made for some great shooting. I was happy after the race looking at this photo and it tells the start of this race perfectly for me.”