[Transcription]  “So this photograph of Helio Castroneves was taken after this year’s, the 2021, Indianapolis 500. It’s taken the Monday morning after the race. And this year is a really special year to do our day after photo shoot in particular because this was Helio Castroneves’ fourth Indianapolis 500 win. So I really knew we had to bring a lot to the table to make something special. So, myself along with Joe Skibinski from our photography staff who helped me light this photograph, we went ahead and started taking some photos of Helio standing at the front of the car looking into turn one. But you know we really wanted to spice this up, so what we ended up doing is kind of moving to the side and adding the Pagoda into the background. To be quite honest, it was a bit of a dull and cloudy day, which is not ideal for such a spectacular photograph that we had in our mind. So Joe went ahead and turned up that light super hot. What’s that mean to you? That means we’re able to really bring in the clouds and everything else from the situation at hand.

So with having those clouds more dramatic in the image, along with Helio there more of a side angle really, you know, kinda spiced up the photograph. But we weren’t done there.  From there, you know, I wanted to make Helio look a little bit more heroic, so you know we had to have him hold up that four fingers, which really added to the photograph. But, you know, last but not least, decided to just lay out on the ground and look up at him, which kinda creates you know more of a heroic style, what I call “ant’s perspective,” you know everything would look larger that way. You know with all those elements, along with the Borg-Warner trophy, all-in-one photograph, it really made for a nice picture. And I’ve seen it actually used quite a bit. And the Speedway even liked it so much that they ended up taking that photograph and putting that on the ticket for the 2022 Indianapolis 500. So, it’s a photograph that I’m very proud of and I think our staff can be as well.”