[Transcription]  “Yeah, so this moment from 2019, it’s a really cool moment for me. What we’re looking at is, this is the full field photograph. So these are all the drivers that have qualified for the Indianapolis 500 and what’s special about this moment is this is really the last thing that happens before the drivers are dismissed to their cars to get ready to load into the cars for the Indianapolis 500. This is you know right before all the “Anthem” and “(Back Home Again In) Indiana” and all of those things. And I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a bit of a nerve wracking moment. And why that is, is because I actually get on a ladder, ok, to take this photograph and while that’s not a big deal, what is a big deal to me is there’s about a hundred and fifty thousand people on the front stretch right behind me. They’re yelling and they’re yelling their favorite driver's name. They’re calling other driver’s names. They’re making fun of me. They’re yelling at me, calling me names. And all this is going on while I’m trying to command, you know, attention to these drivers. So typically what I do is I, you know, I raise my hand, “hey everybody ready, one, two, three, right here at me.” Pop, pop, take a few photos and you know while this is going on for some reason there’s no PA read. There’s really nothing going on, just quiet, other than you know the attention being commanded to these drivers. So after that I really know it’s really crunch time. Get down off that ladder, it's time to start the race day.”