[Transcription]  “This photograph here, we have IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden getting a bit sideways on a practice day for the 2017 Indianapolis 500. I remember this photograph, I remember particularly being very excited about it because I’d finally found something new, you know, I took a head on photograph and was able to see the rear side pod car number. And you know, for a split second that was very exciting to me, and very new, and then you know very quickly I came to my senses that that is not possible. So you know, I went from being really excited to being aware that I was in this situation really fast. I laid down the shutter and had a lot of frames of this, but this is the final one before I went ahead myself and did  the safety standard protocol and just kinda fell to the ground and let the chaos blow over top of me and obviously on the other side of the wall. you know, to say that I was shaken once I stood up would be an understatement, but you know I went ahead after that, went in, took a quick break, sat down for ten or twenty minutes, and  recollected and went back out to take some more pictures of the day.”