[Transcription] “So this photograph of Mario Andretti from a few years back was actually shot when I was doing an assignment for Autoweek Magazine and they wanted me to photograph Mario being interviewed by their writer. So you know I tagged along and kinda was working around the table and including photographs of the two of them talking to each other and it made some nice pictures. But what wasn’t actually assigned was just any kind of a formal portrait in any way of Mario. So you know as they kinda wrapped up on their speaking, I wanted to make something really unique and one of a kind of Mario, so I just asked him if I could see his rings. So Mario went ahead and held up his hands and brought ‘em to his face and I just started firing away.  Well, what I didn’t actually expect is, was for him to open his face like that and when he did, you know, that really made a unique, one-of-a-kind personality portrait, which was really more than I had bargained for. And I guess I would call it more of like a right place, right time, happy accident. With that being said, it’s ended up being one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken of a driver. So something I’m really proud of and [it was] really neat to hear Mario tell stories that day."y.