[Transcription]  “..The Freedom 100 Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has always been an exciting Indy Lights race and the 2016 race on Carb Day just two days before the 100th running left everyone in awe. The race would come down to a final restart with just one lap to go and three drivers with shot at winning it. But it quickly became Ed Jones and Dean Stoneman, side-by-side entering turn three, and they would stay that way all the way until Dean would win by two one thousandths of a second. It is an amazing finish. Now, my cameras shoot at 12 frames a second and that sounds very, very quick, until you realize that these race cars go a football field a second. The frame before this the cars are 8 feet back, the frame after this they are 8 feet past. This is the only frame I have with it close to the yard of bricks. Dean Stoneman won by about a foot, that photo shows that foot that he won by. To get the double checkered flag in the upper left-hand corner was the sweetest part of it.”