[Transcription]  “...This photo is from the 2021 GMR Grand Prix. One of the many differences between the Indianapolis 500 and the road course races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is that for the Indy 500 we have just one driver on the podium who obviously as we all know celebrates with milk, while the Grand Prix we have three drivers who are up there celebrating with champagne. The two things about this photo that stand out to me. First, it was Rinus Veekey’s first IndyCar win. I always look forward to seeing how a new winner reacts in Victory Lane. Also, if you look carefully, you can see he is actually holding a bottle of sparkling juice while being soaked with champagne as he was only 20 years old when he won the race. Second thing about this photo is if you look at who the other two drivers were on the podium. You have runner up was rookie Romain Grosjean, who earned his first podium in the IndyCar series. And third was second year driver, Alex Palou, who would go on to win the IndyCar Series Championship that year. I expect we will see all three of these drivers on podiums in IndyCar races for years to come.”