[Transcription]  “This photo is from qualifications from the 2019 Indianapolis 500. One of the big stories that year was Fernado Alonso getting bumped from the starting field. As qualifying was coming to an end there was just one car left that could knock Fernando out of the race. That car was the Juncos Racing entry driven by Kyle Krazier. As Kyle took the track to begin his qualifying run, most of the photographers on pit lane crowded around Fernado Alonso to see how he would react. Everyone wanted to get his reaction whether he was in the field, out of the field, how would he react? I chose to look for the Juncos Racing crew to capture their reaction to Kyle's qualifying run, especially if he was successful at knocking Fernando Alonso out of the starting line up. As we know, Kyle was successful, and here is the reaction from the Juncos Racing crew as they realized they had qualified for the 2019 Indianapolis 500.”