[Transcription]  “...There’s so many things that go on at IMS on a daily basis that aren’t necessarily race cars or race car drivers that we get to photograph and this is an example of that. This is an image that was taken in a very small nondescript building on the north side of the track. And it is of the bronze brick of AJ Foyt that was made to be placed inside the Yard of Bricks on the actual racing surface. A few years ago, a guy named Bud Tucker was tasked with making bronze bricks for the four time winners. And AJ Foyt here was the very first one that they made. They took an actual real original brick and they made a cast, a mold out of it, which you kind of see there in the upper part of the screen then all around the brick is the tan color mold. They would pour bronze into it and then after it cooled down they took the hammer there on the right side of the screen and busted it open and out popped that brick which you see in the middle near the bottom of the screen and it’s of AJ Foyt with his name and the four years that he won the race and that brick was cleaned up a little bit, polished up and then it was eventually placed a few months later in the actual Yard of Bricks on the racing surface and it was the first of at the time three, but now Helio Castroneves just won his fourth so he will soon get a bronze brick just like that in the Yard of Bricks.”